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9 Perfect Gifts For Cat Lovers That Cat Owners Actually Want

We search the corners of the world for affordable, unique & perfect gifts for a cat lady or gentleman in your life or just for yourself. From cute gifts to gorgeous finds, we’ve got you!

Gift Ideas For Cats And Cat Lovers:

Gifts for cat lovers - self-cleaning litter box

A litter box that makes cleaning up a breeze

An automatic or self-cleaning litter box can help pet parents with one of the more onerous (and odorous) tasks of cat ownership.

Promising review: “I love this litter box. At first I was sceptical. Especially considering how much it cost, I was worried my cats wouldn’t like switching from clay clumping litter, to this silica gel crystals. <…> And about 15min later my cat Skittles, who I thought would be the most sceptical, went straight to it.” — Chey

Price: ~$140 ○ Amazon

Fun way to vacuum up cat hair

Not only do cats look adorable riding on robot vacuums, but these gadgets can detect and clean up pet hair all on their own.

Promising review: “Our “Beeboot” as my wife has renamed it is awesome!! Way exceeded our expectations. I did a lot of research and compared pros and cons with various brands and models and this was truly the best(especially for the price)! It has WiFi for app control, it connects with Alexa, and comes with a remote.” — Leo Santos

Price: ~$200 ○ Amazon

Unique cat bed

Give your cat the gift of premium comfort.

Promising review: “Beautiful item and lightening fast delivery. My British Shorthair cats LOVE the ‘cave’ and it is a gorgeous piece of art. Even my biggest cat fit so well and comfortable in it (14 pounds). Great for the cats, great for me – I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering it!!” — Mila

Price: ~$55 ○ Amazon

Toys that will keep a cat occupied all day long

Busy cats, healthy cats. Best gift set.

Promising review: “I wish I would’ve found this earlier! I spent about $100 in other types of toys on here and at pets mart. Wow! Makes you realize how much they overcharge for you at stores! This is by far the best condo and value for your money.” — Amazon Customer

Price: ~$12 ○ Amazon

Treat dispensing video system

Godsend product for pets who don’t like being left alone.

Promising review: “I’m loving this Petzi pet camera with remote treat dispenser. I think I’m more excited than my cat. He’s too cool to be excited. It was very easy to set up. You download the app (which was the most confusing part) then the app steps you through adding your new Petzi camera. The app was confusing because it wasn’t called Petzi camera it was a social media sharing app and I was not expecting that so I didn’t realize that was it.” — darnnells

Price: ~$84 ○ Amazon

Super cool cat carrier

A backpack that turns a cat into an astronaut.

Promising review: “My AstroKitties love it. It’s an out of this world transportation system, ??? with room to spare, great safety features, lots of ventilation holes, love the leash inside, the zipper also has were you can put a lock on it. The best of course is the giant window, with 3 holes perfect size to boop your fur baby ?.” — ♡KatherineAnn

Price: ~$36 ○ Amazon

Ultimate cat scratcher lounge

A scratcher, lounge, & so much more.

Promising review: “Okay, so I purchased this two years ago and my boys loved it from the moment it arrived. My siamese cat particularly loves to sleep on it (I call it the throne), and scratches several times a day (even though there are cat trees with scratching posts available). Of course after two years the outside is getting a bit worn, although I turn it over periodically. So this week my cat took matters into his own claws – he discovered he could lay on the floor and stick his feet and head into the opening at each end, thus giving himself a whole new area of scratchability! I guess one of these days I will have to surprise him with a brand new throne. Best cat purchase I ever made!” — crypticdragon

Price: ~$50 ○ Amazon

LED Kitty Night Light

We love anything that lights up and is unique.

Promising review: “After perusing Amazon’s Launchpad, I came across this LED night light. My girlfriend is a crazy cat lady, loves many different cat related things, and this seemed like a “no-brainer.” She already has a SPÖKA from Ikea, but this seemed like a better option because of its larger size, different colors, and option for a remote control. I must say, we are both very pleased with the purchasing decision.” — AMG77

Price: ~$15 ○ Amazon

Cat-themed game

Great game for people who are into kittens and explosions.

Promising review: “I absolutely love Exploding Kittens. Russian Roulette with cards means you get a different game every single time. What I especially like is the timing of a match. Each hand lasts about 10-15 minutes, making it easy to rotate out players if you have more than five in your group. We agree that it’s almost as fun to watch as it is to play.” — JustaFuji

Price: ~$20 ○ Amazon