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10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

10 Most popular cat breeds

Top ten most popular cat breeds for 2019, according to the number of cats that were registered throughout the 2018 year.

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At the top of CFA's list of the most popular cat breeds is the Ragdoll

At the top of CFA’s list of the most popular cat breeds is the Ragdoll.

Beautiful Exotic Short Hair Cat

Landing in second place is the Exotic.

Most popular cat breeds - British Shorthair

Rounding out the top three is the British Shorthair.

Persian Cat Breed

Persians are the fourth most popular cat breed.

Maine Coon Cat

The fifth most popular cat breed is the Maine Coon Cat.

3British Shorthair
5Maine Coon Cat
6American Shorthair
7Devon Rex
9Scottish Fold

Via The Cat Fanciers’ Association.

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