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Cute Cats Videos — Sand Kittens In The Wild

Sand Kittens In The Wild

Need more cuteness in your life? Enjoy this first-ever video of sand kittens in the wild.

First-ever video of sand kittens in the wild

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Global wild cat conservation group Panthera captured this clip just for you!

Grégory Breton and his colleagues spotted these three pairs of tiny eyes.

Illuminated by spot lamps as the team drove through the Moroccan Sahara in the dark early morning.

The curious faces belong to wild sand kittens. Believed to be six to eight weeks old.

Sand kittens are hard to spot because their fur blends in with their surroundings and their tracks are barely visible.

The researches believe this is the first time (October 16th, 2017) anyone has filmed sand kittens in the wild.

Source: Grégory Breton/Sand Cat Sahara Team Panthera.

Image: Charlie Marshall, CC BY 2.0

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